A few words to describe yourself :
My name is Ben Müller – I’m a Surfer from Munich/Germany. Sometimes I train a day between five and nine hours at the Eisbach to improve myself. Surfing is my Passion! I surf because – i can loose and find myself at the same time. And also I do a lot of Surfboardrepair for friends and myself. My Hobbybrand is called bachYard. I’m still standing with both feet on the ground. I work for Bavarian Red Cross.
Date of birth : i was born on 03.05.1985
Nickname : flatty
Where do you come from : Grafing near Munich / Germany
When did you start to surf : in April 2010
Sponsors : NICEONE
Your Favorite board : my Riverboard from AJW Quad SetUp 5’8″ – 18′ 1/2″ – 2’3/4″
Your Favourite trick(s) : deep hack’s, pocket turns, aerials and floater
Your Favorite rider : David « Dave » Rastovich
Home spot

: Eisbach / Munich
Favorites spots : Ribeira d’ilhas / Ericeira – Portugal, Ponta Ruiva / Algarve – Portugal, Capbreton – France
Your trips around the world : France, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Greece, Gran Canaria, Swiss, Austria
Best Results in competition : under the best 30 and 37th
Results for 2011 : at the first European Champs in a stationary Wave, i was placed under the best 30 european surfers at the Quicksilver German Champs in France i was placed at 37th
Projects for 2012 : freesurf so much i can! surf in the ocean to improve myself and do more boardrepair
Hobbies : surfing, slacklining, skateboarding, snowboarding, make some music, surfboardrepair, to be a lifeguard
Favorite food :Pizza, Spaghetti, Cheesecake
Music you listen : all kind of music