A few words to describe yourself : Most of the summer time you can find me hanging around with my friends at the cablepark. All I want is to enjoy life and to have fun on that what I’m doing.
Date of birth : 27.01.1995
Nickname : « SickNick » or just « Nick »
Where do you come from : Schwandorf
When did you start wakeboarding : 2006
Sponsors : CTRL Wakeboards, Soöruz, cheap auto insurance WildWakeSki
Your Favorite board : CTRL Supreme
Your Favourite trick(s) : All about hitting obstacles.
Your Favorite rider : Halldor Helgason definitely inspires my riding style in Wakeboarding. Even though he is a Snowboard Pro, but this dude is just awesome!
Home spot :
Favorites spots : Wakepark Thulba, WildWakeSki, WakeLake Wörth
Your trips around the world : Haven’t had so much so far, but I already was in Netherland and in Austria for some competitions. Hope that I can travel more this season.
Best Results in competition : 1st South German Champion JUNIOR MEN 2011
Results of 2011 :
1st South German Champion JUNIOR MEN
2nd Wake The Line Warm Up Session OPEN MEN
2nd King of the Lake OPEN MEN
3rd Burn Obstacle Only Contest Feldkirchen OPEN MEN
Invitation for Ca$h for Tricks by Nico von Lerchenfeld
Projects for 2012 : Hope that I can make it happen to compete at Wake The Line this year. I also would like to go on some WWA Tour stops, if it is possible to handle it with school. Also Philipp Fenk, the Filmer of SweetLine Productions, and me got some radical ideas for a new film project this year. Would be cool to capture all our ideas on film.
Hobbies : Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skateboarding
Favorite food : Sushi
Music you listen : Hip-Hop, Dubstep
Website :