Philipp Kunte

A few words to describe yourself : ambitious, open for new things, honest

Date of birth : 20.05.1993
Nickname : Flippo
Where do you come from : a small town next to Mannheim in Germany
When did you start wakeboarding : um let me think… 7 years ago?!
Sponsors : Soöruz, Slingshot, Holy Wooly Headwear, Infinite Wakeboard Camps
Your Favorite board : The Slingshot Newton! Pämmm
Your Favourite trick(s) : switch heelside 7 is always fun! Want to add some grabs to it this year
Your Favorite rider : defiantly can’t decide on that one! I enjoy watching riders whom brings different styles and new tricks to wakeboarding.
Home spot : Mannheim
Favorites spots : Thulba Wake Park for sure!
Your trips around the world : I want to check out ThaiWake Park soon and maybe hit OZ!
Best Results in competition : Third at Wakecity Ludwigshafen 2010
Results for 2011 : didn’t have to much going on in 2011 due to an injury but the one mentioned above made my day!
Projects for 2012 : I know everybody keeps saying it, but just staying healthy and having a good time on the water! Just went through 9 months of rehab and look forward to spending time one my board again!
Hobbies : working out in winter time and in summer just shredding all day!
Favorite food : Greek food with a lot of meat

is always good
Music you listen : YumYum Music
do you have a website : nope
a twitter : /